Dave Marquesen

Most of my stuff is cartoon like. It’s meant for childrens’ amusement through artwork, printed childrens clothing, and some activity items. I like to also spend some time with watercolors, doing landscape painting, along with some surreal stuff. I also enjoy fooling around with collage pieces, mostly a combination of painted backgrounds and either paper or resin 3-D images.You can find most of my artwork in prints on Imagekind and Redbubble.  Much of the kidstuff is also included on tee-shirts and similar products on Cafepress, Zazzle and Skreened.

Image description

Until a couple years ago, my artistic endeavors were limited to rough drafts of electrical diagrams and mechanical drawings - you wouldn't see any of these unless you hang out in rail yards, underground tunnels or other industrial locations.   I woke up one morning and couldn't read or write, or remember a whole lot of names.  NOT a good thing for an engineer.  BUT - seems all these are pretty much left side of the brain activities, while the right side is where all the artistic functions reside.  So I started drawing all kinds of stuff. I have since (mostly) recovered my ability to read and write and returned to engineering.  But still trying to keep the right side going.