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South Rim of the Grand Canyon

This is a BrushMarQ Watercolor of the South rim of the Grand Canyon.  This painting, along with a number of other landscape watercolors, is available as a print in several locations.  See the "Finding BrushMarQ Artwork" below to links to these locations.  These prints are available on a number of papers and on canvas, with numerous framing options.  

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BrushMarQ Artist, Dave Marquesen, has participated in  Art House Coop Sketchbook Project for both 2011 and 2012.  Each years' sketchbook paintings were based on a preassigned Theme.  The above painting 'The Left Bank' is an example of images in the 2011 sketchbook entitled "A record year for Rainfall".
See Sketchbbok artwork on the
ArtHouse Coop website and at the ArtHouse Coop Art Library in Brooklyn, NY.

Finding BrushMarQ Artwork

BrushMarQ Artwork is available in many formats at several locations throughout the Web.  The subject matter of BrushMarQ artwork varies all over the map, from landscapes to surreal scenes and images to Childrens Art.  

A large protion of the BrushMarQ artwork, illustrated on-line, is meant for Childrens' entertainment.  This includes nursery wall art, as well as childrens' clothing articals, and accessory items. 

Go to the following websites to access BrushMarQ Artwork and products:

Zazzle Kid Stuff by BrushMarQ

Cafepress Kid Stuff by BrushMarQ

Skreened Kid Stuff by BrushMarQ

Imagekind Artwork by BrushMarQ

Redbubble Artwork by BrushMarQ


Mickey and Mattie, two canine characters, are the subjects of one series of BrushMarQ kids art.  This series features artwork centered around travel destinations all over the world as well as imaginary locations attractive to all ages of kids.  

This artwork is available on a number of clothing articles for all ages.  It includes one-piece rompers for infants, as well as tee-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies for both toddlers and younsters.  Wall art, Bags, Cups and mugs and a number of other items are also available.

See "Finding BrushMarQ Artwork" on this page for links to these items. 


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Another BrushMarQ ebook, based on the 2012 Sketchbook Project.  This one includes images only drawn by hand on my Android Phone.  Again, available FREE below:



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Mickey and Mattie

"Travel With Me...In My Dreams"

The new Childrens ebook is  available here FREE - just click on the link for either format to down-load this book.

Travel With Me...In My Dreams - pdf

Travel With Me...In My Dreams - epub

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"A Record Year for Rainfall"

Another FREE ebook!!

This ebook includes artwork from the ArtHouse Coop Sketchbook for 2011.  The theme of "A Year for Rainfall" is depicted in all the images included in this book.  You can down-load the complete ebook in either format linked below.

A Record Year for Rainfall - pdf

A Record Year for Rainfall - epub

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